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About Our Institutions

Montfort Group of Schools are managed by the Christian Religious Congregation of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel known for Their unique.

Service in the field of education since 300 years. Today Montfort brothers serve more than 200 educational institutions throughout India and 43 countries around the world.

MONTFORT SCHOOL, Manapparai is yet another endeavor to create future Leaders for the country. The school established in the year 2004 to cater to the needs of the playing kids with holistic formation and to support the Montfort Matric school, Manjampatti and from 2017 the School follows the CBSE syllabus and it has a well qualified teaching and non-teaching faculty with DIGITAL-SMART LEARNING. Every child of the institute is globally connected as he/she steps in to MONTFORT SCHOOL CSBE.


The School logo is a graphic representation of the Montfortian vision of Education that aims at the integrated and holistic formation of the youth entrusted to our care.

LAMP = Liberation from darkness of ignorance.
DS =Dieu Saul = “God Alone,” is the motto of St. Montfort whose inspiration, Montfort Brothers try to live and lead the young to the Divine Reality of God.
BOOKS = Represent students’ quest for knowledge.
HANDS = Teacher’s extended hand to the child symbolises his/her vocation to be a Friend and philosopher.
SG = Stands for ST. GABRIEL, the official name of the Montfort Brothers’ Congregation.



Faith in Action is love, and Love in action is service. The school motto love and serve is a dynamic representation of each budding Montfortian. Love is patient and kind, it always protects, trusts and preserves the mankind. We are more blessed when we give than to be at service. As Montfortians we assure to serve with our whole heart in serving the Almighty to spread our love and be the light to world.

Our Mission

Our Vision is to help the young to develop into upright, creative and loyal citizens, imbued with love for God and Compassion and concern for others and nature, with divine sensitivity and a sense of personal freedom and to equip them to earn a living and contribute to the economic and social progress of the nation and integrity of creation.

Our Vision

Montfortian education seeks to work for welfare of the children. They are helped to discover their God given talents and work towards their fullest development in order to place them at the service of the society. It seeks to enable the young to search for the truth by training them to analyse reality, from critical judgements, search for solutions and work out a synthesis. It is concerned with forming a moral conscience that is capable of discerning what is good and choosing it. It pays attention to the development of the capacity to engage in relationship marked by sincerity and self‐determination and training to understand the complex political reality and to enter it in a constructive way.

It imparts an appreciation of the Indian heritage and enables the students to imbibe its culture and ethos for building a harmonious society, irrespective of difference of faith, language, caste and class and at the same time to remain open to the positive elements of other cultures. It instils in the pupils values of love, freedom, forgiveness, honesty and justice. It takes full cognizance of the fact that education by its very nature requires a community style and environment and cannot allow itself to be isolated from the social context. ‘Total Education’ which implies a holistic approach to education and which is concerned with the total development of an individual as a person, is the quintessence of Montfortian education. It aims at developing the body, mind and spirit to the greatest extent.


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